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2021 Ford Explorer complaint


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January 22, 2013
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New York City, NY
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2021 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi all, i picked up a new 2021 ford explorer xlt with the sport appearance package in agate black and am very disappointed in 2 things. First, the hood doesnt meet the side fender on the driver side. There’s about 3-4 inches of misalignment. I took it back yesterday (1 week after sale since in live an hour sway in NY and i got it in NJ) and the salesman said its normal “due to aereodynamics” which i know iw not true because not all of the explorers come like that. Then one other worker passed by and he noticed it and said it was the rubber stops under the hood. We played around with them for a bit, loosening them up and it helped a little but you can still see it visibily from the drivers seat and from outside the vehicle. Also, there appear to be a couple of white paint chips in that spot. I didnt see this when i inspected the vehicle and noticed it after it was completely cleaned and paperwork was done.

secondly, the car had some light scratches on the back rear bumper. He cleaned it but it didnt come off. He said to bring if back during the week but i cant be going back and forth an hour away with gas and tolls when it shouldvr just been taken care of since they knew i was coming.

is there anyone in ford i can complain to other than this dealership?




If you knew he was wrong about aerodynamics why would you leave the dealer?

He knew you live far away so the odds of you going back for minor issues will be slim to none, as you pointed out in your post.

As far as your paint, you might be out of luck there. Add to the fact that you got a black car which shows EVERY single imperfection.

I would definitely call monday on how to correct this. The longer you wait, the more nothing will happen.

This is why you thoroughly inspect a vehicle BEFORE You leave the lot. Or, absolutely before when you can take it back in it’s first week of ownership. Outside of that, I don’t think they are obligated to fix any fit or finish issues.

As noted, they know you live an hour away. Within the first week you probably could have taken it anywhere.

Not knowing what your options were to buy one more 'locally', this is one of the downfalls of buying from a dealer a distance away. As your Warranty Guide states, buyers have a week to point out these types of deficiencies to the dealer in order to get them addressed.
It looks like the bumper scratches may be able to be buffed out. If not, those and the paint chips will likely require that the parts be repainted.
The rubber hood adjusters will only bring the hood up or down. They won't do anything in regards to gaps between the hood and fender.