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20's are on!


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October 16, 2001
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1996 5.0
After a battle with Tire Rack, I finally received my tires today. I loaded everything up and headed to get everything mounted. Here are the pics!






20x10 Limited 208s
275/40/20 Pirelli PZero Rosso Assemetrico

My homemade steering stops work great, no rubbing in the front with a 10 inch wide rim! :eek:

I love the tires, IMO the profile is perfect for a lowered Explorer, even though they cost an arm and a leg.

I will have better pics tomorrow. :cool:

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looks awesome man.. what happened with tirerack?

tirerack sucks, i will never buy from them even if they do have decent prices, i just heard complaints after complaints about their service

Thanks for the compliments guys.

I didn't have a totally bad experience with Tire Rack. They were very willing to work around my $500/day limited on my debit card. The problem was, they wanted to call me at work and verify the number since my home number is unlisted. I waited and waited for the call at work and they never called. So, I call the next day and the lady says she'll go ahead and have them shipped. Next day, I never get the shipping confirmation. So I call again, the lady says she needs me to call at work again. :rolleyes: This is two days after my payment cleared. I was not very happy about this. I had to make a special trip to work just so they could call me. :rolleyes: Maybe I was acting unreasonable, but they have my damn CC info, the payment cleared, and I called them from my home number, so what more verification do you need? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I got them today and headed straight for the tire shop.

looks sweet. lets see a back view showing how wide the tires are.

awesome. simply awesome. :eek: :chug:

edit- dood, change your avatar now. :D

can we see a pic of the tread pattern?

The only problem I had with Tire Rack was when I ordered 4 directional wheels one of them came in one way and the other 3 in another. I had to spend $15 out of pocket to get the wheel re-mounted and re-balanced. No big deal but then again $15 is $15. They say they were going to re-imbursed me for it. We'll see if the credit shows up in my next statement. Other than that, their customer service seems to be okay.

Here's a rear end pic. They don't look very wide in the pic for some reason, but trust me they are wide. You can also see the tread pattern.

Like I said, I will have much better pics tomorrow.

I dont know Hartman- they look very wide to me. :)

btw- everytime I see that roll pan... man... anyone seen BM?

Hartman: Looks sweet man. Definatly worth the wait!:thumbsup:

Very nice looking hartman... you gunna lower it ne more ??


That first pic made me hard.....well not quite but it opened my eyes wide and my jaw dropped as the drool came pouring out.

Originally posted by Silverblade
That first pic made me hard.....

I want to say something funny about this but I'll pass... :D

Looks great Hartman!!! Now to wash it and slap on a few coats of Zaino and you'll be in business. :p

looks good man
enjoy them while you can, the indiana winter is quickly approaching

Off the hook man yer truck is lookin absolutely awesome....rollpan looks clean and very nice and the profile of the truck looks pretty good too...

Constructive Critisizm: Lower the truck just a tad more the wheel wells just look a LIL empty..

And the rims...those are very close to what i am looking at and they are VERY nice.....

You want to be next months featured whip on my website?

Did you shave down the wheel well part of the front bumper a little or something...looks different....maybe a front bumper cover would liven it up a lil....just a suggestion...

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its lowered 3". at this point, he cant lower it anymore without bagging it... unless he did the torsion flip- which will chew tires up quickly and ride like @ss.

im sure he has things planned for the future. ;)