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20's are on!

Dude that looks awesome.

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Very sweet wheels, your X looks GOOD

Hartman.....that is truly exceptional

Looking DAMN good man.
I think this is the 1st time I seen your rollpan (which is badass to)
How much would you charge to make me one?
And what kick of truck was the pan for when you started it?

More pics as promised.





as i said before, this pic is the best.

man.. those rims look huge.. like 24s on the ex. maybe its just me and the angles you took the photos. looks awesome.

Second set of pictures look much better. Guess it was the lighting in the first that made the wheel wells look more open that they actually are. Looking nice.

Truck looks SWEET! I wish mine could look like that one day !

I love how deep the rims look. I like the "inset muscle car" look vs. the "bloated bling blang" look.

Not really my taste, but they look damn good on your truck. Big improvement over your 18's. :thumbsup: