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$225 to replace transmission pan... Okay price?


July 25, 2010
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Hey ya'll,

Got quoted $225 to replace the transmission pan/new fluids in my 02 Mounty. Good deal, or look somewhere else? Had a leak coming from the pan itself.

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If you want to buy the part and put it on yourself, write down your VIN and then call tousley ford (800-328-9552).
Mention explorerforum for our discount.
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That quoted price is reasonable if they replace the pan.

Find out exactly where the leak is coming from. It could just be a loose bolt or a few bolts - which of course would not require a new pan.

Hey guys,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The leak is coming from where the o-ring seal should be. I guess the person who did the service for the previous owner didn't replace the seal. No problem... But, they also stripped the entry and lost a bolt, lol.

@POS, thanks for the number to Tousley. I'll be sure to be in contact with them in the near future. I would replace it myself, but I don't really know much about transmissions, and for the price, figure I'd leave it for someone who'd be less likely to make things worse, lol.

Btw, should I replace it with synthetic fluid?

I've just brought a brand new pan for 15.00 from local transmission shop and he has plenty in stock.

i think it would be better to buy a used one or go to the nearest junk yard and ask if they have your model and tear it out.