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'23 202A + tech pkg or 300A $2k worth it?


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May 23, 2023
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2021 F-150 Lariat 4X4 5.0
After long consideration for our second family of 5 vehicle (I drive a F-150), we stopped on an Exlporer. The Highlander came as a close second, but costed more. I cannot get new US spec Kia/Hyundai/Chevy through MAS (the dealer for overseas military).

We don't really need more than a 200A, however, we are in Europe for the next few years. We absolutely need power folding mirrors due to the small European parking space we have. We also absolutely need front parking sensors. This ruled out a lot of 2 row SUVs. I priced out an XLT with 202A, Technology Package, and AWD - it came out to $48,200 MSRP. Then I priced out a base Limited 300A with AWD and it came out to $50,665.

The big items I see the Limited base will have are: rain sensing wipers, acoustic laminate windows, 2nd row sunshades, leather, ventilated front seats. Am I missing something? That seems a pretty good deal for ~$2,400 over the loaded XLT. (when I got my base Lariat it came with more stuff than loaded XLT and costed less!)

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I recently went down this same rabbit hole. Started looking at loaded XLTs in the 48k range, the bumped up to the ST line as it had most things I was looking for standard. Then I couldn't see myself driving a fake out ST so bumped up to the fully loaded ST. I was able to find the exact one I was looking for in a late build 22 model so I was able to get 0% for 5 years. The 0% made up some of the price difference. Had to drive 350 miles to get it. There's no real differences between a 22 and 23 either other than possible 1 bolt rear subframe. My ST came with the 2 bolt. You can also get lucky on a 22 model and not have the auto stop/start. Mine has it unfortunately so it will be permanently removed when I get around to it.

I'm doing the same thing...this is not a comprehensive list but the things I marked up on the order sheet. I don't think you mentioned it but the Assist+ package for the XLT adds $995 but includes navigation, intelligent cruise control and evasive steering assist.

Added features when going from a XLT, 202A, Tech Package, and Assist+ to a Limited with a 301A...my back of the envelope says it's added $2,855 but it's some pretty good stuff.

Acoustic Laminate Side
Heated 2nd Row
110V/150W AC Power
Ventilated Front Seats
Power-folding 3rd row
Driver's Seat Memory
Leather Seating
Second Row Sunshades
Rain sensing wipers
Handsfree lift gate (if they don't delete it)
Powered trim/tilt on the steering wheel
HD Radio
Oh, and Ambient Lighting


Memory seats, ventilated front, 360 camera were the draws on the Limited over the XLT, 2nd row window shades a bonus. Also searched for one with the tow pkg.
I had an XLT Sport Pkg for a loaner for about 2 weeks & it was what sold me on an Explorer to replace my Malibu. Wanted a Timberline or ST-Line, but new prices were out of our budget.

..........................................................................Wanted a Timberline or ST-Line, but new prices were out of our budget.
My 2002 Highlander was somewhat out of my budget range at the time and that is why I went with a lease. Since then, my subsequent 6 vehicles have all been leased as well. I don't keep my vehicles longer than 4 years.


I tend to keep mine for a while, the last few notwithstanding.
Got out of my F150 due to no longer really needing a truck, and the pano roof rattled/squeaked constantly (out of warranty)
Mercedes after that, loved the car but not the running costs.
Malibu replaced the Merc out of convenience but really didn't like the car, replaced it with the Explorer & plan on keeping it long-term, barring anything unforseen.

We are also tempted for the Platinum for the self parking. Parking is our main concern. We fit a 3-series right now, but without sensors it's rough. The XLT 202A + Tech Pkg or Limited 300A/301A will have them standard and the 360 cameras. I have no use for navigation and Assist whatevers (most services don't work due to different LTE/4G bands, I had to update my F-150 manually with FDRS and have no Navigation maps or connected services. Can't ever activate vehicle in Fordpass). Also, most highways are 2 lane, right lane semis going 90-110 KM/hr, left lane for passing only, either 130KM/h or no limit. Adaptive cruise is a nogo. And since my wife will drive the Explorer, I know she doesn't use technology, or cruise, etc. Only the self-parking would have been helpful, but that's a ST Preminum Pkg or Platinum only option (<$400 too)... go figure.

We inquired about a custom order Limited as MAS has over 40 XLTs with various configurations, but I think for ~2,400 we get a lot more. Maybe less incentives from Ford.

My ST doesn't have self park with 401A and tech package

My ST doesn't have self park with 401A and tech package
It shows up as an option 90C (Active Park Assist 2.0) when 401A is selected (at least for 2023). What I meant to write is a base ST will not have it as an option.
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