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235/65/18 Tires


March 31, 2006
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Cornelius, North Carolina
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1999 And 2006 V-8's
Does any body besides Michelin make the 235/65/18 in Outline White Letters. I would another brand beside the Michelin, tire life is too short

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There are a couple, but nothing good. Go wider. I went with 275/55/18 Toyos.

I went with the Mich again, when purchased new they have a 65,000 mile warranty. Way better than the 35,000 I got from the factory tires. As a side note I am wondering if the tires the factory put on were seconds since on the inside of 3 of my 4 original tires someone had written "2nd" with a white paint pen.

go with the BFG's they are a little wider and taller but last long and look good. :)

Which BFG's and size did you go with?

I just bought a set of Goodyear's Fortera Triple Tread. I was told it was the best tire for snow, ice, and wet conditions. Pricy, but well worth it. 60,000 warranty with a free 30 day trial if you don't like them. How can you go wrong?

What size did you go with bracksa?

235/65/18. The size is new to the Fortera line up. Drove it home tonight and the thing handles like a dream. Can't wait to play with it in the snow!:D

Is the Fortera a White Letter Tire or is it Blackwall?

Black wall on ours. Looks good on the black and gold EB.

There are a couple, but nothing good. Go wider. I went with 275/55/18 Toyos.

Did you do the spare also? Did it fit underneath or is the outer diameter the same as stock?