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235/65-18 to 255/60-18 Tire Upsize


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December 4, 2013
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Eastern, NC
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2010 Explorer Sport Trac

I have a 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Limited with stock 235/65-18 chrome/aluminum wheels. They are 7.5" wheels.

Has anyone upsized to: 255/60-18 on the stock wheels?

The new tires are 20mm wider. 10mm wider on each side of the wheel. Other than that the sidewall height, overall diameter and revs per mile are EXACTLY the same.

I guess my question concerns any issues with clearance of suspension/brake components?

This site (which by the way is excellent) http://www.rimsntires.com/specs.jsp
is giving me the green light. Just was curious if anyone has done this upsize with the 18" wheels.


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I upsized to 255/60/18 hankook dynapro atm's. I like that the tires are wider and protect the rim from curb rash. also they look 1000 times better. the stockers were too skinny. they fit perfect, no rubbing at all. Go for it you will be happy with the decision!





I am running 265-60-18
They are very close to stock height just wider and looking better that the factory skinnies.

265/60/18 here also. Fit well with no rub.

Thanks for the replies! Feel better knowing I'll have no issues, especially as some have went to 265mm wide without any issues.

The stock 235's just look too skinny. Can't wait to get a little more rubber on the road.

Next decision will be what brand to get. :scratch: