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275/45/20 VS other 20 inch tires

I have a 01 Sport, Its lowered in the front (thanks to those well put together instructions from blackmagic) The fender is about 1 inch from the tires, maybe less its looks really good, I am going to get some 20's, will a 295/40/20 fit with out rubbing?

295/40/20 - sidewall-4.6in, width-11.5in, 29.3 dia.

275/35/20 - 3.8, 10.8, 27.5

...and then there is the good ol' 275/45/20, i just wanted something where the sidewall was a little smaller than the 275/45/20. I know there is the risk of blowig a tire and damaging the rim, but are there any above I could use with out having to worry all the time.
and how would it look with a tire that was 2.5 inches less in diameter. ie...stock is 30inches, the 275/35/20 is 27.5inches. i'm just trying to get that look that i see all over the place on those big trucks like escalades etc..the nice low profile tire...if you know what i mean.

Thanks for any info that could help me.

1 more question.

How would the 295/40/20's in the rear and 275/45/20 or another size in the front look? Just asking would this affect the truck? I had 2 mustangs and did stuff like this so i am just trying to learn about this truck stuff!! Thanks again.

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IMO a 275/45 is as big as I would go. Get any larger than that and it'll lift you right back up to stock height. Plus it'll look odd to have a big honkin tire on a 20 inch rim that's mounted on a mid-sized truck. And I guarentee you'll have rubbing with a 295.

You can run different sized tires in the front and in the back AS LONG AS your truck is a 2WD.

Ok thanks for the info. So the 295/40 in the rear and 275/45/20 in the front seems like it would look nice...nice and wide out back, but would the 295/40/20 be ok to use just in the rear??

If your truck is a 2WD, then yes.

I'm not really sure how good that setup will look. The rear tires are going to be almost a full 2 inches taller than the fronts, and it'll give you a pretty good rake. It's not my truck though, so whatever you decide, good luck.

OK...correct me if i am wrong.
The 275/45/20 is 30 inches tall like the stock 255/70/16
The 295/40/20 is 29.3 inches tall...I dont see how that makes the 295 2 inches taller than the 275/45/20??
The 295 is just wider not taller...but i may be wrong...please let me know.

Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference
275/45-20 4.9in 14.9in 29.7in 93.4in
295/40-20 4.6in 14.6in 29.3in 92.0in

if you want some 275/45/20's i have some for sale!!! they are brand spanking new

265/50/20 toyo proxies st. only double the price of the goodyears.

how much do you want for the 275/45/20' s?


275/45/20= 29.7" tall, 4.9" sidewall height
295/40/20= 29.3" tall, 4.6" sidewall height

im all about running slightly wider in the rear if you can do it. however, there are several "rules" that need to be followed for it to look right. if you run a wider tire on the rear, it needs to be AT LEAST as tall as the front... preferably a little taller. wider on the rear doesnt look quite right when the sidewall height is shorter. this is all up to you. you may like the look. usually, wider in the rear will only look right if the tire is also slightly taller than the front, and has a slightly taller sidewall. also, you should do some brand checking. you may have a hard time finding a company that makes both those sizes in the same tire.

The goodyear eagle gt 2's come in 295/40/20 and 275/45/20. Yeah i know the rear needs to be taller or same as the front. What is the smallest profile tire I can or should run? Man, i am getting frustrated now. I think i should am just going to go ahead and get the tire everyone has on all fours...275/45/20!!

I finally got my wheels!!!! I went wit the GT 2's. 275/45/20. They look NICE!! I will have pics this weekend. Its limo tinted out, lowered 3 inches all around, so the tires fit nice and snug right under he fender. Pics are comin!

First there was 245, then 275, then 285, now 295 size tires! Has anyone ran a 305 size tire on a street X?:eek:

Originally posted by X-factor
First there was 245, then 275, then 285, now 295 size tires! Has anyone ran a 305 size tire on a street X?:eek:

That ST has got to be running spacers. Those wheels fill out those extend-a-flares all the way.

i agree, since their only 20x8.5

Yea, I never understood the fit on those wheels and tires.