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275/55-20's fit on an '02?

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a 275/55/20 would be a 31.9 inch tire. the 275/45/20 is a 29.7 inch tire. You might have a bit of rubbing if you get the 275, but every ex is different. how about a 265/55/20? thats a 31.5

I agree with you about 275/45-20 having so much wheel well space. You could either do one of two things. One, run taller tire or, two, lower the truck 2". I've done both but not with 20 inch rims. I currently have stock 15x7 tear drop wheels with 265/70. That is a pretty tall tire. If I was to get my 20's I would get a 275/50 with it. Although the cheapest tire that I know of is the Goodyear GT II for $130 which only comes in 275/40 (45?) and not 275/50.

if it were me, i would just lower it. the Eibach kit looks soooo good on those. check out the first two pics in this thread.

i think a 275/55/20 would fit just fine. ive seen one running 305/50/20's and they fit fine with no drop.

Those lowered explorers look awesome! So does your '96, James! How much are those lowering kits and are they easy to install? basically just springs?

one problem with lowering is that I tow, and also go "off road" every weekend. nothing major; the water level at the lake is low, so I go through soft sand and mud to get the dogs to the water. would hate to bottom out a lot.

so I'm thinking maybe trading in the 20's for 18's with 275/60/18's.

You should go with a nice set of 18's with a good set of beefy tires, for you needs.

20's look great though. But Function over Form!

Also Welcome to the site!