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289 HiPo Exhaust Manifolds???

Centaurus 5.0, your right, they look very close. Do you have any more info on these manifolds? Lopo's??? Where would I purchase them? I have the P heads, so again I'm out of luck. Don't you agree that there isn't much to be done in the way of performance until I have headers?

Unfortunately, for everyone, no. Many have been trying to find something for many years now.

The manifolds are for old 289 falcons, comets, and fairlanes.

I'm suprised none of the rock crawler guys with the crazy welding skills haven't notched out the framerails and reinforce them on the outboard side and/or notch out the body to make room for fitting mustang (or other) headers in. Would be less work that fabbing headers from scratch.

Turtles post reminded me of this rig I saw on craigslist yesterday:

351W C6 9"



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1988-1997 Ford F150-F250-F350 351w Left Side Exhaust Manifold

For non-P heads:



Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold 1981-1987 FORD VAN, BRONCO 351W

Again, if you notched out the frame rail, this should fit.


You can see how my FMS headers mostly go upward from the ports to avoid the framerail. I'm looking though my pictures for better pics.




Here's the older manifolds, the starting point, for 96/97.5 GT40 heads.

Explorer 302 manifolds.jpg

Here's some pictures I've collected over the years. Most of these are Todd's from his Ranger project, and his frame section/jig. Notice the right side isn't a big problem, it can be done well, with 1.625" or 1.75" pipes. The driver's side though has no room at the steering shaft, and also as Jon alluded to, the collector/pipes are squeezed down between the block/trans, and the fuel/brake lines. That is the smallest choke point, before it reaches the pinion yoke and driveshaft. Creativity is required, and the current choices have little to none.






On a 2wd, there is more than enough room. There would be even more room if you cut the front diff mounting tab, which is not needed on a 2wd.

A 'creative' solution for 4wd would be to relocate the lines and notch the frame, or just buy a SS Trailblazer and stick on some Ford logos. :D

There was also this. Looks like Hedman 88400's with #2 primary modified on a 2wd.


That's a good find, that's a 97 Mountaineer, with GT40 heads most likely. I can't tell what i anything he did with the #6 primary, it looked untouched. That might be worth a shot, but nobody has reported back on what they found(tried). We keep talking everyone out of things, and that's our/my fault.

just so everyone knows i have the non p early manifolds on my p heads , my motor is a or was a 99 , they fit fine with no problems with the plugs ,

Not saying the early ones are better than the cast iron ones , they are much smaller but i believe they are a good choice to copy only bigger