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2in suspension and 2in body lift?


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November 26, 2002
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browns mills,nj the pinelands
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93 explorer xl
I currently have a 2in coil spacers, warrior shackles and add-a-leaf. Procomp es3000 2in lift shocks. 32 bfg m/t on 8in rim. I am thinking of going with a body lift. 3inch is too big, too much gap for me. So 2 inch is probably my choice. What else will i have to change if i do a body lift. Anything with the transfer case? brake lines? steering components?

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I dont think that you have to do anything for a 2"Bl. I think everything works fine as-is. I may be wrong though.

the body lift isnt to hard to do. you'll have to adjust some wires and unclip some but other than that its pretty easy. the body lift should come with a steering extension.

Originally posted by Namitey
the body lift should come with a steering extension.

Not needed for the 2" i thought

not sure it might not be. i think if my BL was 2" i wouldnt have needed the steering extension. it all depends on the vehicle. i think the 2" still comes with it though.

I ran a 2" suspension lift and a 2" body lift with 33x12.50's on a 10" rim. The lift isn't that bad. Just did one side at a time. You should get a steering extensioner, and it might come with bumper brackets, but they didn't work right. I didn't have to mess with anything other then new shocks.

swee how did you get 33x12.50 on a 15x10 rim under that x with the 4" of lift?? was there an extreme amount of fender trimming? i currently have a 2" BL and a 2" SL and 31x10.50 on 15x10s and have a little rub when turning sharp i would love to go with bigger tires but was waiting to put more suspension lift but hell if i can get them on there now i will thanks

i did have to trim on the back side of my fenders....if you send me an email address i think i have a pic of my truck with the 33's. and i don't recall much rub on any other components. Perry from this board had seen my truck with the 4" and 33's. but if i would have known about the coil spacer and the AAL/Spacer i probably would have done that as well.

thanks for the reply i would love to see how your truck looks Jaydub877@aol.com another question do you know off hand what the offset on your rims are? also my 2" SL is coil spring spacer and add a leaf not a shackle lift do you think that would make a difference? again thanks james