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How to: 2nd gen console removal


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February 18, 2016
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Luverne, Al
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2011 Ford Ranger 4 door
Can anyone send me instructions on how to replace the console armrest on a 2011 Ford Ranger 4 dr Sport?


March 20, 2015
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Atanta GA (Conyers)
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Conyers ga
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1996 explorer XLT
Center console removal

Tools required
1/4" ratchet
extensions (optional but very helpful)
8mm socket
10mm socket
magnetic pickup
wood block
hand sledge (or big hammer)

Step 1
Remove tissue box-coin holder

Step 2
remove the cubbyhole compartment by pulling up and toward you


Step 3
remove cup holder piece


Step 4
Remove 2-8mm bolts
loosen the 10mm connector retaining bolt.
Disconnect this connector and route up under the heater controls to move it out of the way temporarily.


Step 5
Remove 2-8mm bolts in the console. These are threaded into the transmission hump


Step 6
use a wood block against the metal bracket, and hit hard with a hammer toward rear until the console moves back about 2 inches. Note how the rear legs ( or feet ) go under metal tabs in the hump for re assembly


To help a stubborn one get out-
If you look real close--at the bottom edge of the console toward the rear is a small cut out--raised edges area. You can get a screwdriver up in there and press upwards on the release tabs, then push the console back toward rear of truck.

# View attachment 195123

Installation is reverse of removal.

For a more in depth procedure--go here for seat and interior panel removal. This will help you deal with the carpet without cutting it.
Great explanation. Also on my '96 bank one sensor 1 I accessed the O2 sensor with the SHORTEST O2 socket in my kit (22 mm I think- bought from Advance Auto and only had three O2 sensor socket HOWEVER the longest one restricted me from being able to attach my ratcheting breaker bar). I removed the sensor from under the truck.
I DID take J's advice and removed the center console to access the electrical connection. There was no other way for me because a few years ago I zip-tied the connector high up on top of the bell housing to keep the wire off the exhaust pipe (because I didn't know what I was doing- I should have used the little Christmas tree sensor holder and plugged it back where it belonged. Soooooo if you have a second gen that has not been molested you probably could do the whole thing from under the truck. Good luck. Thank to J.