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2nd gen fixed manual replacement antenna


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October 4, 2014
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2000 Explorer EB
Hey guys, I purchased a 1999 limited with non functioning power antenna. I planned to take the fixed antenna and base off my 2000 but the cap nut was seized and I ended up busting it trying to remove (and still can’t get it out). Seems like ford has discontinued the lower mast ... and to top it off I pulled the antenna cable and it flopped into the door hinge and cut ... so frustrated.

I can’t get the cap nut off ... but I can lift it enough to see that I cracked the base. I think I can also see that I sheered a key off the lower antenna mast although the lower may still be usable. I can’t tell for sure yet, I need to pull the whole fender off remove the steel bracket so I can pull it up through the hole.

ok questions.

to convert from power to fixed antenna what exactly do I need?

1) there are two different bases one for power (F5TZ-18922-A) one for fixed ( F5TZ-18A984-A). Can I use the power base to install my fixed lower mast?

2) Are there any other bases that will work? Like from a ranger or something?

3) does anyone have a part number for the explorer fixed lower mast (I have the upper “whip”)

many help greatly appreciated!