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2nd Gen front Skid Plate Ideas


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August 23, 2008
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98' XLT 5.0L 4X4
I ran a few trails last weekend and I bumped my radiator on a rock when a tire slipped. I want to make a front skid plate that bolts to the frame and obviously covers the rad and AC condenser. I took a few quick pics and let me know what others have done or any ideas. Thanks guys. Feel free to photo shop any pics and re post!


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Could tie it to the IFS bracket like so:


True, I would have to make it bolt on somehow though. Would like to be able to remove it to work on things if needed. For some reason i forgot about using some tube. :)

I have been thinking and I think what I want to do is to. Make two 1/4" plates that are shown in the picture as red and mount them to the frame. Next bend some round tube that goes down at a 90* angle on the back side then goes up with a bend in it that finishes up right next to the bumper shown in blue. It will also attach to the 1/4" plate that will be bolted to the frame. Then will take another tube that will run across between the tubs where they bend to go up to the bumper. Will get a 1/8" plate to size and it will run from the bumper back between the two main side tubs and welded there. The tube running across the two main will serve as support as well as a few gussets to the tube and 1/8" plate. Will be tight under the truck so it wont hang low at all will be strong and can be removed very easy. :) May have Explorer water jet cut into the 1/8" skid plate.


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Haven't some guys used UHMW poly in situations like this with great success? Easy to cut and drill but can take a dirty smack...

like this one from Trailmaster ??

it would be easy to copy, and has a box dealio on the front,,
i will try to get a better pic for you,


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Haven't some guys used UHMW poly in situations like this with great success? Easy to cut and drill but can take a dirty smack...

I have heard this before but it seams to be fairly expensive online it is showing $85.50 for a 24" X 48"

You'd still need a metal frame behind UHMW plastic and at that point, since you're not really using UHMW's advantage (low coefficient of friction in sliding over rocks), there would not really be much of an advantage in using UHMW over metal in this application.

I figured out my plan and Idea and made it last Friday. I started a thread with all the pics and things. Thinking of maybe making a kit that is pre cut, bent, and notched that I could sell. All anyone would have to do is have a floor jack and a welder to finish it. ????? Anyways the link is here 2nd Gen Front Skid Plate