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2nd gen ohv to sohc swap


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October 2, 2005
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godfrey, Illinois
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1997 sport ohv 5spd
hello, i just bought dge61785's 97 explorer sport. it has an ohv, great motor, runs stong, but i have a buddy that rolled a 97 xlt with the sohc. The sohc motor blew up b/c of the chain tensior problems, and they put a new one in, then rolled it. 80k on the new sohc. i am pretty sure it just drops right in. all i believe i need is a flywheel for my 5spd transmission. does anybody know what wiring has to be done in the swap, assuming i plug in a sohc 5spd computer?

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lots of wiring
well not really
not if you take all of the wiring from the SOHC truck
You should look over the harness while it is out and convert it to be a 5 speed harness to work with your new SOHC 5 speed computer.

97 doesnt have PATS so your golden there.

Should be a nice easy bolt in conversion, key is finding the correct PCM and making the auto to manual wiring changes, the rest is childs play.

Is it just me who loves rolled trucks? Much better then T boned or head on, parts stay good!

yes they do, well except for the rear axle i took off of it...the axle shafts were bent come to find out when i put it on my old first gen. what fun that was trying to figure out how to switch over the axles with the lovely "S" spring.

okay, by take the harness out, do you mean disconnect it at the firewall, or remove the whole dash and take out ALL of the wiring as one huge loom and then swap it all over? i've never touched wiring inside of an engine bay other than battery, alternator and starter wires.

at the firewall, the trucks are the same except for different engines, all you want to do is remove the OHV computer harness and replace it with the SOHC computer and harness, very straight forward conversion

so it's completely plug and play? as far as get the 5spd motor harness from the firewall foward, and plug in the computer, correct?

Did you end up doing this swap ?