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2nd Gen spots for a ground cable?


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June 24, 2011
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McHenry, IL
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1996 Eddie Bauer AWD V8
I am looking to see what good spots there is for a second gen to ground my amps I am adding for my sound system. I really want to go right to the actual frame of the truck, but I really don't want to cut a hole in my floor just for one 4 gauge cable.

Yes I am running 4 gauge cable, so it is fairly think, so I need a spot, or maybe a access hole where I can route it through. I really don't just want to ground to the body, I want to ground to the actual frame, so does anybody have a good idea, or have a photo of how yours is hooked up?

Any help would be awesome, I want to know a spot so I know how much wire to buy.

Look for points of overlapping metal, such as joints, or folds. The thicker the metal, the better the ground. be sure to grind or file off paint or loose dirt for good contact.