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2nd gen steering upgrades??


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October 5, 2003
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Hello folks. I have not been around on here forever :(
The truck was as built as it needed to be for my purposes so I have just drove it. If you need reference follow the signature link. Outdated yes, but I have really not done any major mechanical changes since then.

To the present, she is getting old and stuff is breaking down over time. As things get replaced I would like to find bigger better stronger parts for the major components. I long ago sold all the SAS parts as I decided I liked the independent front end and it served my needs acceptably if not superbly.

The current project is steering. one inner tie rod is toast, the rack is old and messed up internally, and leaking, and just took a rock hit while my skid was off.

I want to replace rack, inners, and outers. That said all I see on the forums and on the general market are lots of stock parts or remanufactured parts. Sure there are "pro grade" joints but they are really not much different other than maintainable, and there are no alternative racks.

So the question to all you explorer aficionado's? Are there any new products out there I don't know about? Cross vehicle part interchangeability, or thoughts on how to toughen up the steering a bit.

I do have other thoughts brewing for the truck, but no point in discussing until they are in process. Steering has to be repaired soon lol.

One kit for the inner tierods found maybe..gotta be a better rack out there :)



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December 21, 2007
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I'm afraid there's not much available in the way of racks for our trucks. I replaced mine last June because of a leak, and the re-manufactured unit I installed just failed. It had a lifetime warranty, but anyone who's done this knows how much it sucks. You can spend big bucks and have a custom ram system made, but that's the only alternative that I know of. Like you mentioned there are pro grade inners and outers, as well as ball joints but that's it. That kit you linked looks nice. Pricey, but nice. I think the 4wd rangers use the same rack, so that should work.