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2nd generation roof rack for 1st gen?

Cody Dick

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July 16, 2009
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Central PA
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'94 xl
I have a base model 94 explorer xl and it did not come with factory rails. I just got a 2nd generation roof rack (rails and cross-bars) on ebay for 20$ total. I figured $20 isn't a huge risk if it doesnt work out. I haven't measured a 2nd generation roof, but it sure looks the same. To me, the rack just looks wider on the newer ones. Has anyone ever compaired the two? Would the crossbars of a 1st gen fit the rails of a 2nd gen? Has anybody installed or removed a factory rack from either generation to give some details on what I'll be dealing with? I'm not sure what to expect as far as using bolts and nuts or rivets to attatch it.. any information or details anybody knows about either gen. of rack is appriciated.

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I put a rear rail from a 93 in a 95 not sure if that helps

That certainly helps.. that means the rails are interchangable and they should be the same width overall. Every little detail I can get would help. Thank you, man.. I'm getting more confident this should work out.

Yea I think theyre the exact same, I took them off both my 92 and 95, gave the crossbars from the 95 to my friend who has a 93 and he slid them right on...hope that helps :p:

1st and 2nd gens share pretty much the same body. other than the fenders, front grille and rear hatch they are structurally identical with a different firewall and other subtle differences.

so yes, your rails will fit

Thank you all. I wanted to check with some smart people to make sure I wasn't being stupid. I also didn't want to order rack mounted kayak cradles until I knew the rack would work. This will save me a few days of waiting on them. I can't wait to find a good cargo basket too. Thanks again guys!