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2nd row navi buckets (up front) pictures


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October 18, 2001
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1996 xlt
here are the pictures-

wasn't unbelievably easy, but i knocked it out in an afternoon.

try to picture it with all my fiberglass interior pieces in and some carpet (you won't see it that way for at least 5 more months)



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Looks great man, thats a step up from stock. Check your pms, I sent you a message.

thanks guys-

personally- i really like these better than the way the aftermarket covers end up looking.

I'm excited about them- particularly for $220 shipped...

I got the pm, i don't have the price on one of those items right now- working on it. send me an email at wattsupcustoms@hotmail.com

looks good, kinda looks liek they actually belong in there, if that makes sense....

yep- they are virtually identical dimension wise as the stock buckets, and i was able to adapt to the stock seat rails such that they sit just as the stock ones did (and i retained full power). I don't have any pictures of the work needed to bolt them to the stock rails (and i'm not going to), but i was very pleased to be able to get them in the stock location/angle/etc..

Nice! Are they relatively the same width then as stock? ie no clearance probs with a center console....

yes- stock console will fit

You going to dye them green? :p

Looks nice.

no more green in the interior!!! so happy about that- well soon as i find some front seat belt assemblies in grey.