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2nd row refrigerated console


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May 16, 2016
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Long Island, NY
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2019 Explorer Sport
Hello all!

I did post this in the for sale forum, just trying to see if anyone is interested, please check it out, I am selling a 2nd row refrigerator console that I took out of my 2019 Explorer Sport, my lease was up. As many of you know the refrigerator console was only available on the Ford Flex, but is identical to the one that he’s made for the explorer and bolts right in and looks factory. It is black with red stitching, and is in mint condition, I even fabricated a custom wire harness with fuse tap that I am including with it. It works flawlessly, rare item, please check it out!

As this item is very large and heavy I would really prefer someone in the New York/New Jersey area for a pick up/public meet, as shipping would be quite expensive on this.



88826653-4A39-433F-A26D-B85A932389ED.jpeg 4AAD78D7-A997-41E5-8970-2023BFB8415C.jpeg 0D9F6536-CA54-4FAB-A802-4E27ED03512D.jpeg D0500317-812B-42EC-A664-DE9968FC4E93.jpeg

That's really nice. I wish they had that option for the 6th gen Explorers.