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2wd ranger coil spring lift questions

Marc Dykeman

December 17, 2000
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independence, Missouri
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88 Ranger
First I know this is an explorer website but i know Explorers and ranger are closely related, and it seems noone on rrorc.com knows or not. i wanted to lift my 88 2wd ranger using 4" lift coils in the front. But i would need a radius arm drop bracket and an I-beam pivot drop bracket. Would i need this stuff if i went with only 3" coils or What about 2"? thanks for any help

We lifted my brothers with coil spacers. 2" and youll be ok but 3" is pushing it. Might as well just spring for a kit (Rough country is like 250 bucks) cause it will be worth it. Better yet is the bent I beems from fabtech! sweet travel. Let me know how the build up goes, I love rangers.

I think I am just going to go with a 2" lift on front and then a 3" body lift for now. Thanx for your help.