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2WD to 4WD Conversion

Yes I used to have mine cranked as far as they would go, The only bad part is that you will have no down travel in the suspension, basically it will ride ****ty, not to mention how stiff the suspension will be, though I liked it stiff.


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Aww okay, I think I will still stay with 2" or so, but just wanted to make sure! Again for tow hooks, what would be recommended, having someone weld them to the frame or drill a hole through the whole frame member and have a bolt + nut go through the whole frame?

When u crank the tt you wanna big a camber kit basocly some weird washer and it will connect to that a arms alowwing the to.move more

Bolts alright. How far back in the front? Because I was thinking if I got a brush guard, that plastic like bumper would come off, and then the guard would sit right in those first two points. I want it far enough to where I can reach it, but not rubbing or interfering with the gaurd (if I got one) does anyone have pics?

the dif between the 2 is with it being open only 1 wheel has power to it, with it being locked both wheels have power, Also chase is correct all you will need is

1. 4wd trans, not sure what years the autos differed, I would look into that.
2. Transfer case, personally I would get the 1354 out of a 1st gen so you have true 2wd, unless you want the weird ass auto 4wd haha.
3. front and rear driveshafts, from a 4 door if you have a 4 door. If you do get a 1354 from a 1st gen, then you will need a front shaft from a 1st gen.
4. front diff with same ratio as your rear.
5. front half shafts, CV's. the lower the mileage the better.
6. 4WD knuckles.
7. 4WD Rotors.
*8. the interior trim ring with 4wd switch for electronic tcase

the way i did mine the cheap route was this. started with a locker in the rear tt and shackles....then whent with a body lift for 33's....found a totaled explorer at a junkyard (roll over) and bought the trans, transfercase, and dif for 600 bucks (sat in my garage for 2 months) got the knuckeles and rotors(then came the swap) it only took me an 2 friends 12 hrs over two days to do the entire swap... all together from the time i decided to do it till the time it was done was about 6 months with about $800 but i did not pull the drivetrain myself... i was in high school aswell. My parents told me the same thing, its a wast of time, money and you dont need that etc. etc. etc. they did not support me in doing it and didnt help out at all but the proud look on their faces when i finished was awesome... plus you yourself will have a new feeling of accomplishment the first time you drop it in 4 wheel...good luck to ya an if you need any other info just drop a line..

ahhhhhhhh... i want ur 2wd parts!!!!!!!!!!!! give meeeeeeeeeee...lol i never see any 2wd x's 4 sale over here in ny

Should hopefully be getting a job soon, so money will be coming in the bank. Then to start saving, and lucky for me I take an auto class in high school and my teacher lets us bring our cars in to work, so everything I can do in the shop. Which has the tools, the lifts, and everything in between. This is looking exciting!;)