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2wd to 4wd


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October 27, 1999
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Sonora, California
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99 Eddie Bauer
Is there a big differance in the frames on a 2wd explorer and 4wd explorer? I was thinking of converting my 92 2wd to a 4wd.

92EB 2wd with chip and Flowmaster catback system.
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There is no differnce in the frame. On the front suspention you have to change the axle pivoit mounts and the rubber stops that are bolted to the frame. Then you can bolt up the new axle.

This convertion can be expensive so make sure it is in your budget and It is harder to convert one with an auto trans than a manual trans.

If you need more info you can e-mail me i am working on this convertion myself.

Kris Guilbeaux
1992 Navajo Lx 5-speed
attempting 4x4 convertion
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