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3.0 to 4.0 swap


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September 13, 2001
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93 EB 4door
does anyone know the differance.... and what mods you need to do to make the 4.0 take the 3.0's place..... need to know asap. blew up the 3.0.... this is a 95 ranger. so any 91 through 94? 4.0 would work i suspose... cant be to much of a differance... im guessing the motor mounts are differant.... and i know the fuild locations are differant....

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probably not too hard... the ranger was available with the 4.0

lol i know that.... i have done plenty of motor swaps.... i talking wiring and motor mounts... and plugs and such

Didn't 410 swap his 2.9 out for a 4.0? I think he's the dude to talk to.

yeah, but in 410s case, the 4.0 wasnt even available for that ruck...... 95 rangers had factory 4.0s in them