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3.0 to 4.0 ??


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January 3, 2006
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Hotlanta GA.
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94 4x4 xlt 3.0to4.0 swap
ok first off I'm new here but not new to high performance I have shoehorned over 30 different combos incl. 570ci. chev. into 1989 CRX body; what a ride!! but just for racing not for the street ie. emissions/acces. I just started the 3.0 to4.0 swap on my 94'4x4xlt with a 91 explorer 4.0doner both are 4by 5speeds just looking for any tips or advice all ready plan on using all the 91 harness headlight to tale lights is this the norm or am I missing something just in comparing the two any wiring info. greatly appreciated!!!! :confused: :fire: :cool:

You'll need all the wiring components and computer from the Ex. I think you might need the tranny as well, as well as all the engine and tranny mounts from the donor vehicle.

Personally, I would just buy the Explorer and keep it there until you are done with the transfer. I'll going to cost you alots time and patient. If I had a choice I would just buy another Ranger with the 4.0 engine.

Good luck and hope you get it back on the road.

preshatit I've done bought the exploder and found the wiring to be completly diff. from ranger but have located a 94 ranger with the harness still in it the 94 ranger is all by it's self as far as the wiring goes for a 4.0 the 94 was the first yr. for sep. brake/turn lights in rear to swap harness would also have to swap out dash harness as well as the others will keep posted as I go see ya!!

I do know the Vulcan 3.0 has like nothing to do with the Cologne 4.0, so be prepared for some challenges