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3/4 doors Not tube.


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January 17, 2005
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Columbia Pa.
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93 Sport
Calling them 3/4 because I kept the upper window part for canvas this winter.

For now.


Installed and painted flat black.

Engine hoist comes in handly.

cut the handle hole out and bolted it to the top of the door. Works just like normal just pull up.

View front.

Got real lucky. There is a pair of connectors inside the body. Now to get another set so I have speakers and power mirrors.

That is all.

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looks good, i like what ya done :thumbsup:

l8r, John :cool:

Most excellent! :cool: I like how you park sidways in the driveway. :p

Looks good. Do you (or anyone else) know if the doors from a 4door are the same size (front doors) as the front doors on the 2dr? I notice you used a set of 2dr doors (that orange stripe in the molding), but at the pull a part around me, there are never any 2door Explorers. I can't decide whether I want doors like you made or tube/sheet metal like Ricks. I'm leaning towards the way you did it so I can keep the structure (for the most part) that the doors give the truck, and also not worry about stuff falling out below the door. Anyways, those turned out really nice. :thumbsup:

What did you use to close off the top of the door when you cut it?

sport doors are longer then 4 doors explorers.

Found one with the same color as mine and was stoked until I measured them :(

I folded over the outer part of the skin. Cut out the inner completely. Then added tin with screws to fill in the gaps.

Sport doors are much longer than 4 door front doors.

thats sick! I like it a lot. Beats having to stick your head out and bashin it on the sill when you drop off a rock.

FireZapper said:
sport doors are longer then 4 doors explorers.
Guess I'll build some like Rick then.

Not sure how I missed this thread. I saw these pics on Pirate just now and was about to post a pic and say that FireZapper has been busy. I love those doors and that is pretty much how I want to do mine. That handle is saweet!


:thumbsup: that is sweet. i wana try keep the interior panal when i do mine, but i dont think i will be able to.

thats freakin kool dude i was thinkin more along the same thing

curious as to how you managed to undo the drivers side connector. Mine is slightly less complicated then brain surgery to take out. maybe im just going about it backwards, or a sport is different.

But that idea for the doors and handle is sweet, I may try and steal that handle idea and try and make mine work somewhere like that. My doors are already in progress, im just to busy to get to them.

YES the drivers side took alot of work.

Stick your finger in till you feel the tab. Then pull the connector as you apply pressure to the tab. Can't get more then a finger in there. Also alot easier with the door off the hinges.

so firezapper, you took the interior panels off and cut slits then folded the outer shell over the window track towards the int.? and tacked it down. then where that did not cover other gaps you jus threw some ducting on and screwed it down? how difficult was that? (how hard was that metal to fold down, should i do that?)

also, im not quite gettin how the handle idea works. its awesome and i hope to be able to do that but if you would add some insight as to how you accomplished that linkage and all?

thank you very much

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I'm going to clean them up this summer and add canvas inserts.


I gutted the doors, everything, window tracks, door lock rod, power door lock, speaker and all.

Eyed the crash bar bonded to the outer skin. Marked and cut the inner level with it.

I then cut the inner door handle boss off to use later.

Cut a vertical line at the point I started up to the front. Also cut the rear.


I then bent over the outer skin. The first one I beat with a hammer and it looks like crap. The 2nd I sat on and it looks alot better. I secured the flap with a bunch of sheet metal screws.

After that I cut and added roofing tin over the gaps.

Tried a couple things with the door handles. But found this to be the best.

Just use the rod to figure out where to cut for the handle.

Here you can see the tin and screw easily.

I'm going to take the tin off and add steel. Then mig weld it up.