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3-4 shift flair in '97 Explorer


December 31, 2011
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Issaquah, WA
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'97 Ford Explorer
So I went through my transmission awhile back because the front one way clutch went out. I replaced it along with all the clutches. When I first drove it I don't think it shift flaired at all but shortly thereafter it started flairing going into 4th. I readjusted the bands to make sure if that was the issue and it's still doing it. It never did it before I went through the tranny so I don't think it's a worn valve body or anything like that. What woudl cause this? Can I tighten the band up a little? It only seems to do it on a light to moderate acceleration. If I'm getting on the throttle it goes away, obviously due to more oil flow with the higher engine RPM.

Also it doesn't seem to want to go into manual 1st gear. It'll go into manual 2nd just fine but not 1st. Not sure if this is related or not. What would cause these issues?

Over tightening the bands won't fix the problem, the OD band is only for 2nd gear and 5th. The intermediate band is only for 3rd gear. Does reverse engage quickly with no slip? If it does, the OD sprag and the high clutch are ok. This leaves a possible leaking valve body gasket, worn valve body or a leaking solenoid as all are off in 4th gear. This is based on my interpolation of the apply chart.
I missed your last sentence, this could also indicate a bad solenoid.
Does it shift ok with OD turned off?
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