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3.55 gears and Dana 28??


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October 29, 2001
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Hurley, WI
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91 XLT
I have 3.55 gears in my Explorer and I was wondering if this is commonly found on others. It seems like everyone either has 3.73 or 3.23. Also I have the Dana 35 front axle of course, but I heard that some Explorers come with a Dana 28. Why is that?
I am just curious.

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The dana 28 was mated to 2.9L engines or smaller. It was standard equipment on Rangers, Bronco II pre-94

The Dana 28 was also used in the Mazda Mavajo, but I don't believe it was ever used in an Explorer.

I have 3.55's. I hate them with a passion too.

quit yer gripin'..

I got 3.08's...accelerates like a tank. But i do get 20mpg highway lol!

3.55 here with 31's and 5 speed tranny...I like it.
Just need a locker or a LS.
How is 3.55 with 33's? Do you have auto or manual?

With the 33's it is ok but i think i will need to upgrade to 4.10. I have an automatic and the main problem is when passing vehicles it doesn't have much power. Also the tranny likes to shift in and out of overdrive when there is a slight incline a lot.