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#3 and #5 Not Firing - Bad Coil? Solved - It Was a Bad Coil


July 5, 2008
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1999 Eddie Bauer V8
1999 Eddie Bauer 5.0, 166xxx miles. I bought it several weeks ago. I changed the plugs and plug wires yesterday with Motorcraft for both. Fired it up afterwards and it just purred. Just barely bumped the switch and she fired right up. Today I get in it to run to the store and the CEL comes on and she's running rough. Not real bad, but noticeable. So I pulled each plug to re-check the gap, everything is still at .054 like I set them, but #3 and #5 had not been firing. The plugs are still clean as new. So I put the old plug wires back on these, but still a CEL and rough idle. I see that these 2 cylinders are on the same coil, so I'm wondering if that is my problem. I don't have a code reader yet, but this seems the logical next step.
Thanks for any help.

Problem Solved. It was a bad coil.
Went to Auto Zone (closest parts store to me) this morning and got a cheap coil and a code reader. Pulled the codes and got 3. P0303 (#3 Misfire), P0305 (#5 Misfire) and P0352 (Faulty Coil Circuit or something like that). Replaced the suspect coil and fired right up with no CEL. Took her up the road and she ran like a dream. More power that before (due to new plugs and wires I'm sure).

Now I'm gonna order a couple of new Motorcraft coils from Rock Auto this weekend and replace both. I'll keep the cheapy for an emergency spare.

Oh and by the way, it only took about 10 min. to swap the coil. And that included the time to get the tools out.

just send you an email.