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3 gauge pillar pod


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July 16, 1999
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97 Explorer
Does anyone know of a 4 gauge pillar pod that will fit a 99?
Currently I have a 2 gauge pod, but need a 3, and haven't yet located one specifically for a Explorer.

Thought one for a F150 might be a close enough fit????

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I used one for a mustang, I believe, and used a heat gun to shape it a little, but I was amazed how the top and bottom lined up so well with the existing trim,

You can build one yourself
Check out "blackmagic" Explorer @

or check my Cardomain site below...

I have two on my A pillar and one on my steering collum

word on the street, f150 guage pods that go over the steering column fit. Jegs.com

^^^ 100% correct.
That is what I used.