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3 inch body lift

Mr. Souc

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March 3, 2004
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93- XLT-4x4

When Installing the body mount blocks do you take the old rubber body mounts out or do you but the lift block on top of the rubber body mount. I am in the middle of installing one and I need to know the answer before I proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanx.

Mr. Souc

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you can sse the plastic block on top of the rubber mounts their on the LF

the body lift puck sits on top of the metal of the body mount

what next?

I already have a four inch suspension on it now nd I am trying to lift the body off the frame to get the pucks under there and im haveing problems with that. any suggestions on how to do that?

Steering ext.

How does that go in what is the process of disconectiong the well teight fit of the steering shaft. My BL is from Performance Accessories if that helps. Thanx