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3 inch body lift

sc4wda XLT

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December 3, 2001
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Blacksburg, Virginia
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'92 XLT
Hey, what does everybody think of a 3 inch body lift...performance, safety wise on an X. would i be better off with a 2 or 1 inch on top of a 3 inch suspension

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well i'm actually looking to buy a 3" body lift for my stock explorer....and i was wondering how hard it would be to install myself..? i have never done one but i have friends to help...



Do a search for the topic. There is lots of info on the subject.
Also check the tips section, there is a great write up on how to do it.


I've got one installed on mine. I think it kicks @$$.

Come January 19th, you can look and see for yourself what you think of it. (GWNF)

how much was your body lift and where did you get it and did you install yourself.....if so was it easy enough to do w/ myself and a friend......est. time?

Thanks :cool:

The kit I used was for a '98 Ranger, made by Performance Accessories, and cost around $130. I had to get a steering extension for a '97 Ranger that cost around $70. I had to do a lot of rigging, so it took me a lot of time.

You are luckier than me though. PA makes a 3" kit for your early model vehicle, so it won't cost as much and will be easier to install.

I did install mine myself. I did a bunch of things differently than others who have installed the same on this site (did bumpers better and had some problems they didn't mention), so it took me quite a long time to get it done. You shouldn't have those problems though, so consensus is that it'll take you around 8 hours. It's a rather easy process that should be no problem for you and a friend.

I put a 3" PA on my 91 and it took me about 12 hrs. I had no air tools and my explorer is pretty rusty since i live in winterland. I run 32" BFG all-terrains on 15x10 wheels with a little rubbing on the plastic inner-fender.

Dang man, i tried turning the rusty body mount bolts on the 92 and they were rough even with a breaker bar. Definantly mgiht ahve to think about a one day buy-use-return rental plan on air tool from lowes

Hey explorer4x493 , i got my body lift from jcwhitney.com for about $79. If your a basic home mechanic its very easy to install know how wise just might take a while depending on how rusted bolts might be

Oh yea just wanted to say to yob_yeknom, see ya in the GW on the nineteenth

Rusty bolts? Have no fear! I got this stuff called PB'laster (or something like that) in a yellow and white can from an auto parts store. It really did the trick! I soaked all of the bolts, came back 20 minutes later, and all but one came out easy as can be.

The one that gave me trouble had actually rusted the threads together with the bushing it was in. No rust penetrant could help me on that. The threads on both had fused together and as I was taking it out I was actually ripping the threads out of the bushing and off of the bolt. Luckily, it was the front mount and you have to drill the threads out of the bushing anyways.
It took about 4 hours to get that stupid thing out and my arms were sore for two days from all of the straining.

Can't wait for the 19th!

heard dat

Yea i just used some liquid wrench and let it set for a couple days reapplying a little everyday. they were easier but man those things were rusted


I have a pa 3", cost me $89 and started putting it on around 4pm and finished up somewhere around1-1:30 am, that's of course after many beers:chug: . Love it , and it really looks good with the suspension lift, I just finished painting the entire underside of my truck metal flake 311 blue and just ordered my set of rock slider bars from gloria last week. well go for it and get the 3" because you'll get the urge to go bigger sometime down the road ha ha. later, mike

regarding the 3" body

If i get this ......what all will i have to add....etc. steering extensions.....maybe shocks......i dunno.......please clarify for me....


Just buy the 3" PA...it already has the steering extension, bumper brackets(which u need to modify a little), radiator shoud drop brackets, etc....

No u dont need shocks cuz your lifting ur body off the frame, and the shocks are connected from the axle to the frame.

Get the lift and post ?'s regarding problems later...we are all here to help anyone.