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3 JL W0's 10's


December 13, 2000
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I got a 1991 Ford Explorer. I dropped in there 3 JL W0's 10's in a seal q logic sealed box with a Kenwood 600 watt amp briged... I got all three subs wired in parrel but god the RATTLES ARE HORRIBLE! I am going to invest in some dynomatt probley this weekend. Also for Christmas i am getting a custom made ported box since JL audio hit 3 db higher and sound deeper in a ported box. But my question is what should i get for my highs? (5x8's) i was thinking Polk Audio DX series 5x7 with a sony exploded 460 watt amp pushing them does this sound good to any of you? i would like your opinions please respond thanks!

If you've got that mcuh power to your subs go with components up front and a decent 5.25" coaxil in the rear. Look into Infinity Perfects, MB Quart, and Sound Stream. Basically just buy what you think sounds best.


You'll get more DB, but remember that your tradeoff is less frequency range and less clarity. Make sure this is what you want and try to hear what others sound like in a similar box. It'll depend one what the specs on the box are, like port size, length, and box specs. Ported boxes, if you pick one at random is hard to tell what it'll really sound like till you drop the $$$.

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