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3 new trouble codes?


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January 25, 2014
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1994 Ford Explorer
1994 Ford Explorer Limited 4WD

Yesterday my explorer was acting a little weird on the highway, not wanting to accelerate very well. Immediately after, the check engine light came on. I pulled 3 codes today and I'm my sure what they're telling me to fix.

Error code 10 - cylinder 1 misfire. Would that mean change my spark plugs?

Error code 565 - canister purge solenoid circuit failure. No clue what that is.

Error code 332 - insufficient EGR flow detected. With this one, I googled and I saw something about a dpfe? sensor, and when I saw the picture of it I noticed that it has 2 hoses that earlier today were somehow not connected. I reconnected them but the check engine light is still on. Not sure if that was the problem or not.

I greatly appreciate any insight, thanks guys


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April 9, 2014
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Backwoods of AZ
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94Explorer 96ranger
first thing I would do is pull the battery and place it back on. My CEL stayed on for a few minutes until doing this when I replaced my DPFE. More then likely though the DPFE is completely bad.

canister purge valve is near the vapor canister. It a line from the vapor canister that goes to the purge valve then off that to the engine I believe (I can't remember for sure where it goes to when I did my engine swap). That thing opens and closes letting fuel into the engine to save on fuel and is also an emissions thing.

for number 10 I know on my code reader it doesn't do a cylinder balance test. A 10 is to let the driver know to WOT (wide open throttle) the truck really fast and let off to do a test. I would try it again and see what it says. That is what my code reader says to do (I have a Equus or something like that). That may also get rid of the purge valve code. I know the first time I used a code reader on my dad's F250 it did the same thing then I found that out.


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December 27, 2001
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Spanish Fork, UT
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92 XLT and '87 Bronco II
The 10 error code is the way some code readers show the "goose test" pulse during the KOER test that Redneckfordf250 mentions. During the KOEO test, the 10 is for the separator pulse between KOEO and CM codes. Unless you specifically initiated the cylinder balance test (after running the KOER test), the 10 is probably just an indicator pulse depending on context.

KOEO or CM 565 (depending on whether this code came out before or after the separator pulse) indicates a fault in the Cannister Purge Solenoid circuit.

CM 332 indicates some kind of intermittent fault in the EGR system. Further diagnosis would be needed to determine if this is caused by the DPFE sensor or something else in the EGR system.