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3" spindle lift w/shock question


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February 4, 2002
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99 xlt
I currently and running a 2"TT with longer Trailmaster SSV shocks. They fit perfect right now. My hopes are to replace my TT lift and lower the torsion bars back, and lift it with the spindles so that I will achieve a better ride....and actually have the "real deal" My question is....with the spindle lift can I still use my longer shocks....or does the spindle lift use the same shock lengths as stock. Hopefully someone will understand what I am asking. If it requires stock height shocks I'm outa luck because mine would be too long. Thanks, Bob

Hey there bro,

I got the the 3" spindle lift on my X and i am still using my stock shocks because i am planning to get a custom setup done. But i think your going to have to go back to stock lenth on the shock. How much longer are the after market shock then the stock one's ??????.The spindle does not change any thing but move the wheel assembly down 3". Your upper and lower arms stay the same distance from each other.

Delfino Gabriel Mendez

the spindles do not affect your shocks . Maybe just lower you bars about an inch .