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302 Conversion in a 94 Explorer

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Time for me to live upto my name ( Sorta, anyway ) My money definately "GoesFast" out of my wallet.

My conversion project is now underway. I have actually spent money.

I have a local Speed Shop doing the work and I am being active in teh process.

The goal. A 302 F.I. motor and an AOD automatic tranny.
The motor will give me about 275 HP at the crank. Should have plenty of torque. The AOD has a 2.48 first gear and a a 33% overdrive in forth. With 5.13 gears ( Yep ) and 35" tires I'll be turning 2300 RPM at 70 mph. 2100 RPM if I have 4.56 gears. The tranny is fully locked in 3rd & 4th gear so no slippage and little heat.

Price.. So Far

Motor & Shipping $1600
306 CI, freshly built plus a few extras thrown in for the conversion. Double hump Oil Pan,All Accessories mounts,Hi Flow water pump, etc.

Tranny $1300
Rebuilt No Core charge Over the counter. Included a Torque Converter and the linkage to fit a late Model V8 explorer for shifting.

Advanced Adapters $575
I got the 50-8404 9" adapter. This includes the new outut shaft so the T-fer case will fit. Should put the Transfer Case about 1" maybe 1/12" longer than stock. My drive shaft was very close to being to short after the 5.5" lift so I may not need a new back shaft. The front one may be in trouble....

Pictures will be shown we the action starts. It will be about 5 to 6 weeks before the Motor & tranny are finished.

Anyone have a cheap $300 car for sale? I'm tired of walking....


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Thanks....I'll be askin alot of questions in the next two months.....It looks like 2 weeks I'm pickin up my motor.....I got a 90 HO 5.0 w/ 101k on it....Gonna rebuild it etc...So, I'm joinin the V-8 crowd....how much hp and torque you expecting to get?

Pete, I'm expecting 300HP at the crank...

I'm closing this thread. Please post any input in the 302 part II thread.

I'll merge this thread at a later date with the part II thread.
Thanks Rob

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