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31 BFG A/T's or 20's

check out my site and see if BFG A/T 31X10.5's would look good on my X or should I get some 20's and go that route? Do you think 31's will be a noticable difference? I have 235/75R15 on now. I'm leaning more twards bigger tiers but need some outside input.

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31's at least, maybe 32s if you want to trim some. It will look really good with some meats on it!

Here's 235s VS 31s:

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Go with 31s!

or 32s even:
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yo already have a tt/shackles... they should fit with some trimming.... go 32s... they are lots cheaper than 20s.... 20s cost about $300-400 per rim, and tires for 20s are also very expensive as well.... looking at at least $2-5k for 20s that ar eof just decent quality.....

Also... Section had to do a BL to fit his 32's without rubbing. If you use the factory rims, then the trimming that you'll have to do will be minimal, but will most likely still be necessary

Yeah... I eventually did do a body lift. But A) My frame was bent causing severe rubbing on only one side. and B) I was 2WD (I don't know if that would matter too much but it may)

Digger has 32's on his and he says after a little trimmings.. he doesn't rub.

Well I ran down and got the 31's BFG A/T just now and they look freakin sweet!!!!!!I will post pics tomorrow... thanks for the input and encouragement. By the way is $700 a lot of money for those tires with an allignment, road hazard protection and mount & balance?

Damn.. you don't mess around!

On tires.com you can get them for $138 each with free shipping. $552 to your door. :confused: But you'd have to add install and alignment.

i imagine you will be happier w/ the 31s (vs the 20")

the thing about 20s and up, is that once you throw down all the big $$$$ for the rims, the tires are big $$$ too.
then to top it all off, on a truck the 20" tires are going to last 10 to 12k miles. (maybe some are made with harder compounds now do to the popularity on SUVs?)

thats the way my tire guy put it. he has the Jax Jaguar players come in w/ the lincoln navigators and have to get new rubber after 10,000 miles.

31 BFGs will net you about 3 to 5 times the mileage.

time for bed:eek:

Digger has 32's on his and he says after a little trimmings.. he doesn't rub. [/B]

that is with stock wheels. i've had to trim some more when i got the rock crawlers on but with stock wheels all ya have to trim is this:


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