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31's on stock 97, illegal?

In PA the tread along the top of the tire can not stick out past the fenders. I say the top because the tires im getting have tread down the sidewall too, but will 31x10.5x15 on stock 97 XLT rims stick out past the fenders. And if they do does anyone have any idea of fender flares to put on with the factory running boards???

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I just put 31x10.5 bfg at's on mine. They do not stick out past the fenders. I also have them on the factory wheels.

sweet, i really didn't want to deal with fender flares, thanks man

Mine dont stick out past the top of the fender, and they are 31's. Mine are on stock rims as well


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really, thats a law in pa? i see tires that stick out all the time. everyday actually. heck, theres 3 people on my street i know of with huge mudders. i don't think they really enforce that one too much.

Technically the tires cannot stickout past the fenders and flares are not allowed to be bigger than 3 inches. The cops won't bother unless they pull you over for speeding, running a stop sign/red light, etc. That is wg=hen they will write you up for the tires sticking out. You can still get it inspected, but if they do, they will probably tell you to tell the cops you had them put on after it was inspected, that way it covers their @ss and you can still get it inspected with the tires sticking out.

I've never heard of the law being enforced here, but it is one I agree with. I have had too many chips, and dents, and a cracked windshield due to hillbillies with overly wide tires that stuck out past the fenders.

It is a law, but is rarely ever enforced. It is in the PA insopection book under the requirements.

Hey, i just got the MT/Rs on and they dont' stick out at all. They fit really tight in there but they don't rub. But what sick tires, got a little chance to play in some mud today and they just rip right through without spinning at all.... well unless you floor it then they start spittin chunks all over!

Same law here in IL but I have never been bothered by the cops... amd look how tires look on mine:

Dre said:
Same law here in IL but I have never been bothered by the cops... amd look how tires look on mine:

:eek: wow that is high. so where's the ladder? :)

alphabets13 said:
:eek: wow that is high. so where's the ladder? :)
Hey, no ladder needed... it just looks this way... 6" Syjacker, that's all.

I was planning on installing some fender flares... regular rubber/cheap type but I guess I'm waiting for cops to pull me over. :)

I don't think you should worry much about tires sticking out if you mount them on stock rims. I have done this on my wife's 98 Sport even installing tires on 15X8 rims and tires don't stick out. I didn't like the looks of her truck with wheels tucked way in... IMO too far in (stock version). No wonder some people flipped these trucks when tire blows... here's the pic of her truck before bigger rims and 31" tires::::


and after::::