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31x12.50's 2inches of lift?

procomp tires are having special buy 3 get 1 free, so im thinkin of getting 31x12.50's xterain's on my x and running ruff country leveling coils and ummm new leaves in the back w/an add-a-leave. so i have about 2inches of lift will the 12.50's rub w/2inches of lift mounted on 15x 7 rims? what would the best rim size be w/out rubbin? Any info would be good thanx

Firstly, you can't mount 31x12.50s on 15x7 rims. 15x8 is probably pushing it for that wide and short a tire.

I think you'd need at least 3" and even then fairly substantial trimming to fit those.

change of plans, i ordered 31x11.50 super swamper LTB's, cheaper and i don't really want my tire 2 last that long. i think that'll wokr alot better. looks tough. now i gotta order that lift. just one question after the leaves and new springs are put on will i have 2 do anything else? like long break lines?

just alignment.