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32" tires with EB fender flares


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November 30, 2000
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96 LTD, 96 XLT, & 98 XLT
Looking at picking up another gen 2 explorer-

Planning on doing a f150 4x4 t-case swap, 3" body lift, TT/Shackles and 32x11.5s on 15x8 Procomp steel wheels.

Pretty basic and have been looking all over the forums to see if i will have rubbing issues with this setup as i want to keep the flares.... most everything i see are trucks without flares or the flares have been removed...... whos run or is running this setup with flares? any rubbing? any idea what offset/backspacing you have?

wheel im looking at is your basic pro comp steel
  • Wheel Size: 15x8
  • Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4.5
  • Backspace: 3.75
  • Offset: -19
going to be a basic street drive weekend beach sand crawler.


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I have same wheels and tires no rubbing at all with just the bl .... The tt and shackles definitely complete the look and I highly doubt your eb flares will be an issue

You might have to trim just the inside edge or corner that hangs in regardless of 32" or even 33". It kinda pokes out and it hits even 31s on stocks trucks. Quick utility knife trim and it's good to go.

I don't have any body lift (well, not yet anyway). I do have warrior shackles, and a TT. I just put a set of 265/75/16's on it and I have no problem with the EB flares. The front tires do rub on the sway bar at full lock however. I plan to rectify that shortly. I can say that for decorative flares, they do a pretty good job of keeping mud off the rest of the vehicle, much as I may try.. hehe.


This is what happens when you don't have fender flares haha my buddies jk didn't look half as dirty after running through the mud trails on the back 40.