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32s with rims no lift??

I have a 98 sport 4x4. I'm wanting to do Dakota m/t 32 inch tires. But I don't have time to do lift. Could I do a 15x10 inch RIMS? Or with just tires only fit a 15x8 inch rim with out rubbing? Thanks all.

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NO way. I have a TT and 2 inch body lift with 32x11.5's and i still had to cut front bumper and moulding at back of wheel well.

But mine is a sport. If I remember correctly I have a larger wheel well area. Maybe its not that much of a difference huh. ?

somebody didn't read the sticky....

biggest you are getting on there are 31s on 15x8s

I saw, just hoping someone could of tried it. Non the less.

they have tried it, hence the sticky

No way 15x10 would work, even tho it's a sport.... For funsies I put my wheels on before I lifted it to see what it looked like... they fit all right, you just can't turn at all ;-) My wheels are 15x8 and tires were 33x12.5, so bigger tires but still...

Even now I get a lil rubbing in the wheel well at full turn, and I've trimmed, 3in BL, etc. Unless you get out the BFH and pound some clearance in, heh

I have 32s on 15x8 w/ 3.75 BS. They rub a bit with the wheel turned halfway sometimes. I also have 4 door leaf packs and leveled the front out with the back. It looks like stock height to me but I have nothing to compare it to.