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33's on 15x10

Just wondering if you guys think a set of 33's would fit better on 15x10 or 15x8.. The 15x10 are only $39 and the 15x8 are only $8 cheaper. I plan on keeping the 33's mounted for offroad use and keep my stockers on the original rims for normal driving around town. Oh yeah they're a set of Bart standard weight wheels.

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Depends upon the width of the 33. If they are 12.5's, I go with the 15 x 10 rims. If they are less than that, go with the 15 x 8's. On my Zuk, I have 32 x 11.5-15's on 15 x 8" rims.

33x12.5x15. That's all I could find locally for a good price. I thought about running 32x11.5 on my stock rims but that's too risky to take.

I ran 32 x 11.5-15's on the 15 x 7 rims I used to have on the Sammy, and they worked fine. Only reason I bought new rims was because the tires rubbed badly when I turned. Right now, the spare on my sammy is a 32 x 11.5-15 on a 15 x 5.5" rim!! ONLY use will be for a spare in an emergency.

33 12s can be run on 15x10s or 15x8s. Most Explorers go with 15x8 because there's better bead adhesion (especially at low pressures) and less risk of rubbing the rim due to clearance issues.

I believe most Explorer owners who run 33x12.5 are running a 15x8 wheel. Superlift recommended a 15x8 wheel, and so did the shop that installed my lift.

I've been running my 15x10s ever since Ive had 33s and have never had a problem with bead retention. They have worked out quite nicely for me, although I agree that most people go with 15x8s for 33x12.5x15 tires.