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33's or 32's???

ok i have a 93 "X" sport and i will be doing a 4.5 inch custom suspension lift (no widening , no moving front wheels forward ) and front fiberglass fenders

i had a couple of people tell me not to go any bigger than 32 x 11.5 on an X but i really think it will look dumb with the 32's and i really want 33's i see all of you guys with 35's and up on your X's will th 33's rub on things i cannot trim out i.e. frame, sway bar, floor,

i dont want to settle for 32's but if thats all i can do i guess i will have to settle

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What is your custom lift consisting of? If you are getting fiberglass fenders, I would say at least 33's and possibly 35's. Fenderguy has a 4" lift with fibergalss fenders and 35's and as far as I know it is a good setup. If you are going for a prerunner setup, then 35's would be best.

Fenderguy has a Trailmaster 4" lift, and the 'glass fenders. Not even a trick cut-and-turn arrangement. He runs those 35's with NO RUB at all. I think he might have hammered back his firewall just a little, and maybe the front wall. But still - NO RUB. Go for 35's man. Is your truck a 4x4? What kind of lift, also? You going cut-and-turn?

it is 2wd
the lift i am going for is from camburg and is a performance kit for a ranger

bent i beams
ebiach coil springs
heim joint radius arms
allignment cams
steel braded brake lines
custom coil buckets
2.5" sway-a-way race shocks
limit straps / bump stops

about 15 inches of travel
they say it is a 5 inch lift on a ranger but will settle down to about 4 - 4.5 inches on the X

no cut and turn i will not weld on the I beams
they say DO NOT BEND, HEAT, WELD right on the beams because theyre cast bending is ok under a certain process but no welding

yes i want it to be a pre-runner, i think i will go with the 33 x 12.50's those are definately big enough

the stock car with 28" tires already works good
it takes curbs, those things in the parking lots, hard off roading good stock the fiberglass is only made specificaly to handle 33"s


Right - On a 2wd, it's bent beams, same idea though. Sound like a really nice kit. You going to go to a coilover in the future? Your truck should be really slick either way.

What fiberglass are you getting? Seriously, on the tires, if you can fit 35's no rub, go 35's. You'll like the extra clearance, plus it'll look meaner :D

Whatever you choose, though, good luck!

im getting perrys fab and fiber

oh and i wont go coilovrs it takes alot of work to install an engine cage and get the coilovers right plus i dont have the money also the race shocks and some good coils will already be more than i will need

I would still say get 35's over 33's. Prerunners need to be able to take a lot of abuse and 35's will help a lot more with going over terrain. Perry's fender's should serve you well and allow enough room for 35's.

Alright, If you're getting the Camburg 5" lift with fiberglass you should get 35s. If you're worried about 32s looking funny, with all that room under the glass, 33s will look the same. You don't even need to get the glass with 33s. Mine didn't rub at all when I first lifted it with the 4" lift, 33s and stock fenders. Since you are getting extended radius arms, you will rub your tires on them near full lock both ways no matter what size tire you get. That is no big deal, they can rub those as much as they want with no harm. As BislamJoe said I did hammer the firlwall back as much as I could and since I don't have extended radius arms (yet) I don't rub anywhere, even at full bump,lock...anything. If photopoint was up I could show you the stages of my truck being lifted and since I'm not an elite yet I can't show you anything. Soon though, soon. Anyway, to answer your question, I would get 33s out of those 2, but you really should get 35s to make it a pre-runner. Good luck. I didn't look where you were from, are you going to Truck Haven?

Aslo Camburg doesn't use the pre '89 beams to bend? Wierd...oh well.

One last thing. If those glass fenders are made specifically to handle 33s, I'm going to be in serious trouble when I get 37s on mine!!:eek: :p :D

How do you plan on fitting 37's Colin? Those are pretty dang big!

i might go to truck haven i cant decide do you think it will be worth it it would be cool to see your trucks and all but i would prbally have to bring my moms stock 96 explorer , mine is messed up right now and my dad doesn't want to hear my exhaust the whole way, also my dad probally wont let me offroad it very much he hates the idea of offroading in a car if i do bring mine it is sort of embarrasing right now, not cause its stock , because i messed it up also it isnt very far from stock either

but if you guys think it would be cool to come up there for a day with a stock car and be pretty resticted than i might

also do you know when the next event is around here possibly in 3 months