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33x?? on a 94 Ex

what size tire can i fit without it sticking out past the fenders?

33x10.50, 33x11.50, or 33x12.50

and if it does stick out how much and where can i get flares.

im getting a 4inch rough country.

There are other variable in play such as tire manufacture and model as well as the rim you plan to use. Although manufactures list tires as 33x12.5 they are not all exactly the same.. tires and models can vary. Rims are more exact, but you'll need to determine the size (15x8 or 15x10) along with its BackSpacing.

As an idea this is a picture of 33x12.5 BFG AT KOs on 15x10 AR rims with 3.75 backSpacing..


The only tire mfg I know of that makes a 33x10.5x15 is BF Goodrich. I have never seen a 33x11.5x15.

As stated above wheel width & offset are determining factor as how far your tires will stick out past your fenders.

Here is a diagram I created to show the relationship of a BFG AT KO 33x12.5 on an 8 and 10 inch rim compared to a stock tire and rim.