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33x12.5.15 MTR Kevelar's

Just added some MTR Kevelar's to my 2000 last weekend and they look awesome but even after a professional 4 wheel alignment and camber kit i am getting a steering wheel wiggle at around 65 MPH.

Is this expected?

Would new shocks or a steering shock help with this for freeway driving?

You will also get this if your tire is a little to wide for your rims.

Hey sorry that i missed the earlier request for pics and reviews. I am really happy with the MTR's since i have gotten them rebalanced and swapped to the correct uni-direction. I really preferred the black side out since i am running black soft 8 Cragar rims 15x8 but what the hell.

Here are a few pics of us with the new tires up in Lake Tahoe at the Strawberry Tract 42 trail.




Got my first rotation of the MTR's this weekend and now i am getting a bit of a steering wheel wiggle around 25-35 Miles per hour.

Anybody think this will smooth out or should i have the alignment shop look at it again?

Beautiful pics. I prefer the Goodyear lettering out and the BFG lettering in--the Goodyears are much easier to clean also.

There is a possiblity that one of the tires that were on the rear of your vehicle is out of balance and you didnt notice it until it was put on the front of the Ex. At least that has been my experience.