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347 install - what do I need to know?


March 13, 2002
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City, State
Cincinnati, Ohio
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'95 XLT
I plan on going ahead with a 347 swap. I dont want to do heads, cam, etc right now only to have to change everything on down the line when I upgrade to a 347. So, what all I will need to know before i jump in and do it. Keep in mind I've done pretty much everything to my 90 Mustang including porting the heads, rebuilding the T5(multiple times)and installing a couple 306's.

How much different is the X going to be? Should I pull the motor and tranny as 1 piece? Should I unbolt the headers at the heads or pull them too? Should I have it balanced to 28 oz or 50 oz?

My plan is 347 with AFR 185cc heads and a custom cam. Eventually a full long tube header & custom exhaust. I'll suffer with this POS exhaust for right now. I want to get all the stuff and then install late summer when I don't have to worry about recharging the AC after I purge the system. Speaking of purge, I just thought about the fuel system and how I will need 30# injectors anda fuel pump. What size pump is in the 5.0 X? Do I drop the tank to change it also? Thanks in advance