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36 lb squirters??


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January 22, 2010
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Indian Mound, TN
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02 V8 Sport Trac 4x4
I pulled the v6 out of my st in favor of two more cylinders, and just sold my motor to a guy who threw a rod through the side of his 02 explorer. The Intakes are different, and when i pulled both of them he has red tops (30 lb squirters) and my motor has dark blue tops (36 lb squirters), according to fordfuelinjection.com. my question is, are these the 36 lb dark blue injectors the stock size, or are they the light blue 24 lb injectors? The reason I ask is I just bought an m90 for my 5.0 and will need bigger squirters. I was gonna get 42 lb squirters, but at almost 300 a set, I can use the 36's for now and still be in a safe zone even at 8-12 lbs boost. Since I have 6 already, and if they are stock size, I can just head to the jy for the other two...