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37x12.5 Goodyear MTRs

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That is the tire we put on our Hummers, I am a Marine. They are kick a$$ tires, takes a while to balance them but that are some serious tires if you can afford them.

I can get them for about 260 bucks a tire. Im just wondering how stiff the sidewall is.

Just an idea...
If you live near a military base. Go asking around for what they do with their old tires. We turn our old tires in to what is called DRMO, Defense Reutilization Management Office, they inturn will sell those tires in a bid type auction. More times than not, the tires we pull off still have all kinds of life left in them, because we go by a time cycle, not mileage. I know of guys that buy these tires cheap. $100 a set is pretty average, if you only get a year out of them...hell, you only paid $100. A friend of mine, who does construction. Buys our old tires and puts them on his Bobcat (little tractor), he says he gets better traction with our old tires than with brand new bobcat brand tires.

Just an idea, and it might be worth it.

How do you plan on fitting these 37's? A sawzall trim, glass, or moonster truck lift? Good luck to you!

I already have glass and then whatever else i have to so they fit. Can't be affraid to trim, cut or :hammer: the hell out of it. as long as it looks alright doens't matter to me. :D

Fenderguy - I was asking arsoul. I already know your setup and I hope you do get 37's. I would love to see them.

Are you planning on getting 16.5" rims then too? I am not sure if you can get those 37's for 15" wheels....

I can't fit 15 inch rims on my rig (soon to be rig). I've seen the 37s offered both in 16.5 and 17. I'm not sure what there actually is though.
As for how I'm fitting 37s...I'm putting my explorer body on an 79 F250 frame. Check out the projects forum.

Oh awesome...I did see that in the projects forum! Good luck, big project ahead, but then the explorer will be definitely bulletproof.


Do those really measure 37"? My new 36" Swampers actually measure 36".

The book says they have an actual messurment of 36.4. I dont know how accurate the book is though.