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3inch body lift Broken bolts Help Please


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October 19, 2007
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93 Sport 2D 5-Speed
3inch body lift Broken bolts and Process of Body Lift

Hey all
yesterday i desided to start the bl that i bought from 4wheelparts.com.

Well i have been getting alot of word on the body mounts will be a bicth so i go ahead and get the wd-40 out and start spraying everything.

Well thats all done now so i started to loosen all body mounts because i figured its going to be a bicth because its a 1993 sport. well i get the Front driver side under the hood Loose. I get the Drivers side under the driver floor mat loose. Too make it short i get all drivers side loose and they are reday to come out.

So i work my way to the passanger side went from rear to front.
Every bolt is loose but 2 the front by the bumper witch it may not be a problem cause it looks like there is a bolt or nut on the other side.

Whats the best way to remove that bolt.? As well the botom of the bushing fell off no ida if thats good or bad.. The other bolt is in the middle where the back seat floor is on pass side the bolt broke inside mount. Not sure what to do about it... Please if anyone has any ida's it would help thank you all..

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I used an air impact wrench and they all came out good on my BL. For the broken bolt? Can you get to the nut side? You might have to cut off the nut (if you can) and pick up a new nut/washer.

If you have room, drill out the broken bolt.

I used an air impact wrench and they all came out good on my BL. For the broken bolt? Can you get to the nut side? You might have to cut off the nut (if you can) and pick up a new nut/washer.

As i lay under neith my pass side under the door all i see is the bolt i see the bottom of the nut for the bushing though.. I broke the top right off.

I think im better off maybe drilling it out then buy a new nut /washer

thanks alot i'll keep you all posted

ok thanks alot i'll try this stuff and i'll take pics when i get stuff done..

thanks alot guys



well today i worked on my explore

And all the stuff you guys told me i tried Thank You all

I did finally get that nasty bolt off the bushing it was about 6hrs of hell but got er done... Listed are some Pics of it.

I started to lift the passanger side up like the instructions say to do everything good so far. Keep jacking got 1 block then 2 block then 3 blocks are in.. Only one small problem Did i have to remove the Air Box because it looks a little funnie and something is hanging the front from lowering on the front mount by the bumper..

(UPDATE) as for the air box yes i should of moved it but i did while lifting broke the box no big deal. As well for something hanging up in the front from lowering on the front blocks was i needed to raise the rear fixed the problem there.(UPDATE)

Also do i have to lower the radiator cause it looks to me that the plastic will not bolt up the fan is in the way..
Worked on the driver side as well im haveing a small problem with the front bolt comming out of the bushing the nut is loose just not moveing from the rubber. Still need to put the rest of the blocks in the rear and by the bumpers on both sides..

Everything Is really comming along great so far as long as it dont take me 6 hrs to get the front bolt out.. As well i dont break anything i dont plan on it but its a part of working on a car **** breaks.

Any info on the above info let me kno please
I'll keep you all posted Thanks all for your help



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I'm going to answer your PM here because other ppl I'm sure will chime in.
By the way does the radiator have to be lowerd?? Im guessing yes but was not sure. Theese directions say nothing about it i think they coulod use a better way to help on theese kits.. Also with the front bolts by the radiator do they have to go up and with a nut like it was or does the new bolt go down with a nut after i drill it 1/2 inch.
The radiator does not have to be lowered, however, the fan shrowd does or else it will interfere with the fan.

Update on Body Lift


Just got done working on my explore today. Things went real well for the most part. Blocks are installed bolts are tight and shrowd is secured and mounted. Rear bumper is installed steering extension installed.. I was looking at the parking brake cable bracket and did not install the bracket as of yet. Dont think i may need it at this point but l will install if i need it.

Major problems "FRONT BUMPER" cant seem to line up the driver side after installing the passanger side for the 2 bolts. Looks like i may have to Drill out new holes on the bumper bracket.. Has anyone had any problems with the front bumper if so how did you make it work?? Please if my state would allow no bumper i would drive with no bumper.

(UPDATE) Front pass bumper bracket had to drill new holes fixed (UPDATE)

Tomorrow is another day i have figure out the bumper then install the air box and the hoses Then i will have attempt to figure out the shifter and the extension..

Looking For some answers on what im haveing problems with send me some feedback..

Thank you all

(UPDATE) After writeing this i got mad at the bumper so quit. Afew hrs later i decided i was bord. So i worked on my Explore

Got Front Bumper installed Hooked up the Air box found that the plastic hose going to the carb is hitting the showed but i got it.. later down the road i'll try to get rid of box. So pretty much its allmost done install batery install shifter test her..

I'll keep you all posted


3inch body lift complete somd pics of my new look


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and more pics


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Looking good! :thumbsup:

Thanks alot

Im still haveing a problem with the steering its kida hard to trun when turning its not that bad but you can feel it. Im not useing the extension any more the binding was real bad. Anyone else have this same problem or know what i can do or try to fix it.. Thanks

Also the ebrake bracket for the kit i have no ida or any info on e- brakes i dont know nothing about them. So how would i install that bracket for the e-brake does anyone have good pics that i could see. I also see that the bracket has holes but no way to put the cable through it. Unless i put a nocth in the top to put cable through or dissconnect it from that middle piece where they both come together.. No ida LOL

I have also ran into another small problem How would i adjust my headlights on the 93 explore?.