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3inch body lift on 1997 x?


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September 9, 2004
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1997 Mercury Mountaineer
i just ordered pa853 for my x and i was wondering will the front bumper brackets work that come with the kit or am i going to have to custom fab some front ones also...Also about the rear bumper brackets:can they be used from the kit or do i have to custom fab them....if i do need to have them custom fabbed, then if anyone has some custom fabbed brackets for sale let me know!

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You need to fabricate new bumper brackets for the front & rear. There are pics of how to make em on here somewhere.

actually, personally i used two of the front bumper brackets from the kit. i think there are supposed to be 4 brackets up front, and we only used 2.... or something like that. the rear will definately need brackets made though, but i know we didn't make any for the front. todd.

Here's the plans....start fabbing.


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even though it took bout 5 hrs to get bout of mine on. I used the rear brackets and just redrilled some new holes to fit. As for the front i didnt use brackets at all with some afro-engineering, spacers, and some newly drilled holes into the existing bumper it went straight on and it looked just as it did when it was stock

Where can I find or who sells a 3" body lift for my explorer?

caldi55 said:
Where can I find or who sells a 3" body lift for my explorer?

They don't make one.

Edit: By reading the first post I see that most of the information you seek is a "scroll up" away .....search as most people have asked this question before.

on the rear bumpre take teh L shaped brakets off and flip em upside down and bolt em on teh wrong side. Use one bolt per side and it will hold just fine since the bolts are splined.

caldi55 said:
Where can I find or who sells a 3" body lift for my explorer?

they dont make one....you have to buy performance accessories part number 853 which is for the 1995-97 ranger and modify the bumper brackets....good luck... it will run you about 160 bucks....

Thats not that hard, So everything else will fit as if it was installed on the ranger other than those brackets?

yes they will, i just did it on mine